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Character Information

Character Name: Dr. Finitevus

Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comic series.)

Character History: Before his transformation, Dr. Finitevus was a normal Echidna who lived within the Echidna capital of Albion.

(appearence; http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/archiesonic/images/4/49/Finitevus.png)

He was a brilliant up and coming scientist with a fancy for the research of Chaos energies. During the Chaos Knuckles incident, the Albion Council decided that it was best to drain Knuckles of his great powers in order to prevent him from becoming just like Dimitri, the original Enerjak. Finitevus then created the Chaos Siphon Suit. Knuckles was kidnapped and Finitevus began the process of removing Knuckles' powers.

However, it did not go as planned. Two of Knuckles' friends, Charmy Bee and his girlfriend Saffron, interrupted the process, causing the suit to explode. Due to the explosion, Finitevus was exposed to a large amount of chaos radiation. Due to this, he became a photonegative version of Knuckles. This transformation turned him into the Albino Echidna he is today.

But it was not only his physical body that was changed. He gained the ability to channel dark chaos energy and an acute knowledge as to how to use his newfound abilities. His mind was also warped by this event. He began to express the opinion that the world was a corrupt place. He saw all societies of Mobius to be corrupt and the entire world needing to be purged. It was during this time that Finitevus invented the Warp Ring using his new dark chaos powers. Fearing his new powers, the Albion Council voted to have him killed. Finitevus used his Warp Rings to escape before he could be killed and vanished for several years.

Sometime later Finitevus returned to Albion and sabotaged their defensive systems. He then led the Eggman Empire's army to Albion and it was destroyed, effectively cutting the Echidna population down by 90%. He then moved on to the next stage in his plan.

Soon after Albion's destruction, Finitevus joined the Dark Legion. He offered to save a dying Dimitri. The dying Echidna knew nothing of his ulterior motives and agreed. Finitevus then dissected Dimitri's robotic body to learn more about the nature of Chaos. This process cost Dimitri his body, reducing him to a floating head in a glass sphere. The doctor then told the Dark Legion that Dimitri had died during the operation. Finitevus then captured the Brotherhood of Guardians to study how their bloodline could manipulate Chaos Energies. He found a former Dark Legion Grandmaster among them, Moritori Rex, who has been posing as a Guardian names Tobor for years. Once his studies were complete, he banished the brotherhood and Moritori to the Twilight Zone.

His first run in with Knuckles and his friends was when Locke was captured by the Dingoes. He was acting as Lien-Da's confidant and the Legion's technomage. He was there as the group (Knuckles, the Chaotics, and Lien-Da) planned how they would rescue Locke. He remained silent the entire time however. When Hunter came and teleported Remington and several other Echidnas to Eggman's Egg-Grapes, he attacked Hunter. Archimedes reported that Finitevus was defeated by Hunter, when in reality he used the attack to mask his own escape.

With everyone thinking he had been captured, Finitevus used his chance to free Remington from the Egg-Grapes and nurse him back to health. Hoping to use Remington, due to his relation to Dimitri, as the new Enerjak, Finitevus informed the amnesia suffering Echidna of his heritage as the son of Kragok. He then replaced his body with cybernetics, turning him into a member of the Dark Legion. Remington, now aware of his birthright, went off to contest Lien-Da for control of the Dark Legion. After some time however, Finitevus decided to use Knuckles as his new Enerjak instead.

After some more time had passed, Finitevus saved Scourge and Rouge from a very angry Shadow and enlisted their help. He then saved the Destructix from Eggman's Egg-Grapes and enlisted their help as well. Since Mammoth Mogul had abandoned them, they agreed. With his growing army, the doctor headed for an ancient military base, where the doctor stole some data from a long-running robotic guard named Isaac. The data was quite corrupt however. He had planned to use some old missiles he found in the base. Rouge, once finding out Finitevus was trying to gain access to old missiles sabotaged them and left with a Warp Ring, that Scourge later forced the Freedom Fighters to return.

Around the time of A.D.A.M's plan to draw all the Chaos Emeralds around the universe to him, Finitevus appeared to Locke and helped him hold onto the Master Emerald. Later Finitevus returned with the Destructix, only he ordered the Destructix to protect the remaining Echidnas from the Dingoes army attacks. He told Locke that the Destructix were now reformed due to him. He then used Dimitri to further convince Locke to leave the Master Emerald with him while Locke sought the Brotherhood of Guardians. Locke only agreed after Finitevus brought up Knuckles, using Locke's current anger at his son against him. After being given a Warp Ring, Locke departed, leaving Finitevus with the Master Emerald.

Once in control of the Master Emerald, Finitevus began the final steps of his plan. As he was placing the hex upon the Master Emerald, Dimitri realized Finitevus never intended to make him Enerjak. Scourge reported that Dimitri ran off to tell the Freedom Fighters of his plan but Finitevus showed no interest in this development. Instead he stated he planned on it and continued his work.

Sometime later, Finitevus had the Destuctix and Scourge capture Knuckles upon his return to Angel Island. Knuckles was brought to Finitevus and demanded an explanation for Remington's amnesia. Finitevus explained his rescue of Remington and how it was the Egg-Grapes that drained his memory. Finitevus then explained to Knuckles that Albion and 90% of the Echidna population were destroyed by the Eggman Empire, leaving out it was his doing. He then told Knuckles how he convinced Remington and Lien-Da to work together to stop the Dingoes by giving them energy from the Master Emerald. Knuckles, believing it was his duty to stop the Dingoes, began to take the Master Emerald's power for himself. Finitevus stopped Lien-Da and Remington from stopping Knuckles, revealing it was his plan for Knuckles to tap into the Master Emerald and become the new EnerJak. The Frost and Flame Legion then binded together to stop Finitevus, but by then it was too late. Enerjak had been reborn.

During Enerjak's rampage, he was captured and drained of a large amount of his energy by Eggman and his Egg-Grapes. When Enerjak returned to be reinforced with Chaos Energy, Sonic interrupted and stopped him. Sonic then became Super Sonic with the help of the Master Emerald, somehow not affected by Finitevus' hex.

Soon after the battle began between Super Sonic and Enerjak, Julie-Su and Archimedes confronted Finitevus. They demanded the doctor return Knuckles to himself. Dr. Finitevus told them he could not for he locked the hex on the Master Emerald and the only way to break it was for someone to sacrifice their own life. When Julie-Su, Archimedes, and Locke nominated that they would sacrifice their own lives to save Knuckles, he attacked the three. He was teleported away by Archimedes and while away, Locke gave his life and freed Knuckles from Dr. Finitevus' control. When the doctor reappeared, he was attacked by Knuckles and was knocked over the edge of Angel Island. As he hung there, Knuckles demanded he get up, but Finitevus merely smiled and fell into a Warp Ring below him and vanished.

After the failure of Dr. Finitevus' plans to cleanse the world using Enerjak, he began to conspire with the Platypus Dark Egg Legion of Downunda. He set up a small base of operations in an ancient pyramid. He was soon after tracked down by Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Mighty the Armadillo. The three encountered Finitevus, and after a short battle had him cornered. However, Angel Island was passing over their location and suddenly began to be chained down to the continent. Finitevus then struck a deal with Knuckles to form a temporary alliance.

After the arrival and team up with the Downunda Freedom Fighters, Finitevus agreed to fight along side them to release Angel Island. Unknown to him, Walt Wallabee informed Knuckles of Finitevus' involvement with the Platypus Legion. They then decided it would be best for the Downunda Freedom Fighters to kill off Finitevus before they attacked the Platypus Legion base.

Their plan failed however. Finitevus fought off the Freedom Fighters, using his fighting style with his Warp Rings, and the help of the Legion. Knuckles and the others were captured as well. As Knuckles awoke, Finitevus was there to gloat about his apparent victory and seemed to be preparing to finish off the Guardian, once and for all. He told Knuckles of his alliance with the Iron Queen, who had taken over the Eggman Empire after Eggman's fall. He wished to have more access to the Master Emerald to discover the secrets it hid.

He left for Angel Island to examine the Emerald. However the leader of the Platypus Legion was actually a double agent for the Downunda Freedom Fighters. He helped them escape and allowed them to "defeat" him so his cover wouldn't be blown. Knuckles confronted Finitevus up on Angel Island. Finitevus offered Knuckles knowledge, truth, and anything he wanted in exchange for him joining the doctor's efforts.

Knuckles refused the offer and a fight broke out. Finitevus gloated that it was due to Knuckles lack of control of his powers in his youth that allowed Finitevus to have the control of the chaos powers he did today. The two seemed to be evenly matched until Finitevus used one of his warp rings to trap Knuckles around the waist. He was going to close the ring while Knuckles was half way through as one final experiment.

Julie-Su came out of hiding, however, and shot Finitevus in the arm. The ring dissipated and released Knuckles. Knuckles dragged Finitevus to the edge of Angel Island. Finitevus disappeared after that for a small time. His arm was injured and he appeared after the Freedom Fighters and Knuckles had left. He admitted to himself that he believed Knuckles was beyond saving anymore and had to be cleansed with the rest of the world.

Character Personality: Dr. Finitevus is a complex evil character thanks to the way he sees the world. Where some evil people know they are evil and rejoice in it; Finitevus is not one of them. He sees those around him and the world as evil and corrupt. He is the only one who is awakened enough to see what is wrong with the world in his mind and therefore is the one who must correct these injustices. He doesn't see much good in anyone with the exception of Knuckles thus far and even that feel through when he refused to join him.. This doesn't mean he can't possibly believe he could save other people but the chances are slim. He is far more focused on the faults of others and will often see positive traits as negative. He doesn't actually believe many people can have good traits. An example of this was when Locke, Julie-Su, and Knuckles' teacher were all willing to sacrifice themselves to free Knuckles from the spell Fini have him under. To him they weren't truly being self-sacrificing as no corrupt being could do that. In his view they were all suicidal and he offered to send them to their graves if they were so set on killing themselves. He can twist almost anything good about a person into a selfish fault without much trouble at all.

Finitevus is also a cunning villain. He doesn't simply preach his outlook on the world openly. He knows better than to tell people he is out to cleanse the world and everyone in it. He is much more of the type to try and do things from behind the scenes. He is the type to observe first and find people he can use to further his goals. Everything he does is like a game of chess. He is always planning his next moves and trying to learn how others move so he can work around them. Fini has no want for friends or any other close personal connections. Everyone is either an obstacle or a tool that he can use; besides those rare jewels he may find that he believes he can save.

Finitevus is also willing to make deals with other villains and give them things they want in order to gain things he needs. He knows he can't do things himself and has no delusions over what it will take to do things though he does have the tendency to underestimate the corrupt being around him. He underestimated Sonic when he tried to pull energy from the Master Emerald and was sure he would fall under his hex, though he didn't. He also underestimated Knuckles later when he had captured him in Downunda. He has a great pride in himself and his own skills and this leads him to underestimating those who he sees as beneath him in intelligence.

Finitevus is a sociopath with a mission. He is a genius with a look on the world that makes him wish to burn it to nothing but cinders and rebuild it in his image. He is a dangerous enemy and possibly an even more dangerous ally. He is not against discarding allies if it gets him closer to his overall goal. He is most definitely a 'the ends justify the means' villain. After all, if everyone is corrupt it doesn't matter who dies due to the fact he plans on killing them all eventually anyway.

Powers and Abilities: Dr. Finitevus isn't the most powerful person when it comes to powers. His main strength comes from his intellect and his creative and unpredictable fighting style. I will be going over each of this abilities in turn.

Genius Level Intellect: Dr. Finitevus is a genius when it comes to two fields of study; chaos energy and cyber-robotics. He was in charge of the cybernetic implants for the Dark Legion before they joined Eggman. He knows all about replacing organic body parts and limps with robotic enhancements. Though his genius on this subject is advanced it is nothing compared to his genius when it comes to chaos energy. It was Finitevus who created the Chaos Siphon suit that he attempted to use on draining Knuckles of his powers. He possibly knows more about chaos energy than anyone else in the world of the Sonic comic verse.

Warp Rings and his fighting style: After he was changed by the chaos radiation, Dr. Finitevus used his new ability to control chaos to create the Warp Rings. These ingenious inventions are rings that open up dimensional portals from one location to another with just a thought for the doctor. Others can use them by focusing on where they wish to go and flipping the ring but due to Finitevus having an intimate knowledge of them he can do it with just his mind. His fighting style with the rings is one of avoidance of damage while using the rings to launch surprise attacks on enemies. He uses the ring to divert attacks away from him or back at his enemies. He can then use them to vanish and move behind his opponent or even strike at his enemies from any direction. The rings can be destroyed but Finitevus does protect them like he does himself. They are his greatest advantage in battle.

Chaos energy manipulation: Finitevus has the ability to manipulate his own brand of dark chaos energy. It appears as black flaming energy and he can use it as a shield, launch chaos spears, and even use it to cast hexes. He often needs a source of chaos energy to do this, much like being near the Master Emerald. His connection to the chaos energy is what helps him to know chaso energy as well as he does.

Echidna stength: Finitevus has powerful organic strength. Echidna's are a strong race and his own rivals that of Knuckles himself. He can't punch through rocks but his fists can pack a punch if he throws his entire force into it.


Network: [Voice]

I am seeking assistance for an experiment. Bending is a curious thing and I have come to the conclusion most people here do not have even the simplest understanding of the theories and laws behind it. I wish to explore Bending and learn more of what drives it. Nothing such as this simply exists to just exist. The principles of Bending hold an important purpose. And simply experimenting with Bending without knowing these principles is idiotic in my mind. For those up to the challenge, respond immediately. For those who do not, do not waste my time. I have work to do.

Third Person:

Finitevus stood in the small lab he had been able to finally erect. It wasn't anything like he had wanted but it would do for now. He was sure he could find a better space later. One site in particular piqued his interest but it was already under the control of another. Perhaps one day he could do away with her or simply strike a deal to use her facilities. Though in order to do that he would need find something she needed. That would have to come later. For now one subject continued to hold his interest; Bending. The ability to change and create anything one could imagine was a power that truly struck with the doctor.

This was much like his ability to manipulate chaos energy but it extended into reality itself. He needed to continue his experiments with this new ability. He had to discover just what was the source of this ability in everyone in this city. The city itself was once said to be a person who had ascended high enough up these levels of power for bending. What was it that gave the ascended more power? What was it that gave people this power to begin with? If he could unlock the secrets of this power, perhaps he could find a way to cleanse this world without much trouble at all. He had no idea how long these studies would take but for the doctor time was truly no real matter. If he was anything, Dr. Finitevus was patient. Other things must come first though.

He focused on his Warp Rings. The doctor knew the first step to anything was getting them working again. He needed them for transport and defense. He knew it was only a matter of time before the corrupt beings in this world began to work against him. It was imperative to continue his work. These people had been brought to this world from a variety of other zones. Without any knowledge of these other planes of existence, he could not judge if these beings were truly corrupt or if any of them were salvageable. He would observe them for now and keep track of those who were corrupt and those who showed promise. Perhaps he could bring others into his fold, others who could help him accomplish bending this world into a true pure image.

He growled as his mind continued to grow distracted. The possibilities of this world seemed almost limitless. This world had the potential of being turned into the pure utopia he had wished to Mobius Prime into without the need to burn it first with emerald flames. Perhaps he would need to do just that if Nautilus himself was resistant to the change but he would decide if it was necessary when the time came. For now, he pushed thoughts of the future aside for now to again focus on his Warp Rings. They needed to be made ready before he could move forward at all. Once they were fully functional again however, he would begin his work.
warp_ring_tech: (Do please point that elsewhere)
I am unable to answer my D-Comm at the moment. Do please leave a message and I will return your call at my earliest convenience.
warp_ring_tech: (It would seem he cannot be saved)
An associate of mine has gone missing. Her name is Sako. I had contact with her some time ago but she has not returned any attempts at communication. Has anyone had any contact with her? If you have please tell me when it was last. Thank you.
warp_ring_tech: (wise remark)
Doctor Octavius, this is Dr. Finitevus. I am in need of your assistance. I am sure you have seen the news by now. I was forced to reveal myself in order to...regain possession of my Partner. My lab here in Axoryi is no longer safe. I wish to inquire if your offer to join the Syndicate is still valid. If so, I would like to take you up on that offer.

If not, I would like your personal assistance in helping me relocate to a new laboratory. With the news of my living status now broadcast around the world, Miria may be able to find me now, should she search enough. Alyssa is now well enough to travel without the risk of injury. Should you help me in this personal matter, I would be in your debt.
warp_ring_tech: (BlackV-mon)
[The video starts to show BlackV-mon. He is someplace dark, the only light coming from the screen of his Rise Bracer. He gulps and looks around to make sure he is alone before speaking.]

This is BlackV-mon. I...I can't do this anymore. DATS, if you can hear this, I want to turn myself in. I can't keep running like I have been. I want to give myself up. I will accept any punishment you see fit. But...I have some information you will want. I want to give it to you but I don't trust the Comm network.

I want to meet with one of two agents and only them. These agents I know can be trusted and they are the only ones I'll meet. If either Daigo or Mr. Sanders sees this, please contact me and I'll set up a meeting with one or both of you. And only you. I don't know if anyone else in DATS is involved but it might be the case. I don't know.

Please, contact me as soon as you can. I don't know how long I can be gone until they notice.

[Black looks around again and ends the video feed.]
warp_ring_tech: (BlackV-mon)
[ This is the journal. . Audio begins and the sound of a hyperventilating and crying BlackV-mon can be heard. regular text is BlackV-mon. Bold text is for Alyssa with a disguised voice. Thanks to rooks for giving me permission to NPC Alyssa.]

Please...please be okay. Please doctor...please be okay.

[The sound of a door opening and footsteps can be heard.]

Is...is he alright?! [BlackV-mon's voice is more frantic now.]

I'm sorry. There was nothing I could do. He's gone. [The voice is that of a male.]

No...No! [BlackV-mon begins to cry harder and gasps as he "notices" his Rise Bracer is on. His cries subside a bit, his breaking slowing down.]

Thank you DATS...you've taken my tamer from me.

[Audio ends.]
warp_ring_tech: (BlackV-mon)
[Video opens to a very frantic looking BlackV-mon covered in blood.]

ALYSSA! Help! The doctor...he's been shot! Ritsu did it! He's dying! PLEASE! I CAN'T LOSE HIM! H-Here is where we are. I can open a Warp Ring for you if you tell me where you are.

[Attatched; Coordinance to the Doctor's new Axoryi lab.]

Please hurry...I can't stop the bleeding...
warp_ring_tech: (wise remark)
[Audio begins. The doctor's voice is calm and he speaks in a neutral tone.]

The boy is asleep. The small dose of anesthetic worked wonders. After the procedure, I will move him to the apartment I have procured for holding. He says he misses the sunlight.

With the cybernetic implant I will place in his mind, it will allow me to trigger what will seem like an illness whenever I wish. Yet it will be the boy's brain making him sick. It will be nearly undetectable by all means. When I activate it, his own brain will begin creating symptoms and causing the boy to become weak. This will give me total control over the boy.

He is coming along nicely. Quite nicely. He will be my sword to cut away the corruption from this world. All I need is his total trust, and then we can begin freeing his powers.

Time to begin.

[Audio Ends.]
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[Audio begins. Remington's voice seems a bit rushed and has a harsh tone to it.]

I'm leaving. I think it is time I went out and decided what to do with my life here. I won't be deterred from my path. I also won't be replying. I need to leave and leave now. Goodbye.

[Audio ends.]
warp_ring_tech: (Fini's winning smile)
My dear,

There has been a change in plans. I am abandoning my disguise as Remington. I have found another objective that is worth while. This boy has the power to delete beings and object with a mere touch. And even better, he is emotionally fragile and easily manipulated. I believe with some time, he can be a useful weapon.

I will need time however. He is planning to run away from the Hyperion sometime soon. Once he does, I will wait until he is out of the city and convince him to come with me to my lab. There, I shall begin the process of turning him into my weapon.

With time, he will be far more useful than any information I could have learned at DATS. I will cover my exit as Remington the best I can. I will merely have him "leave" for a while, saying he needs time to think about his role in this world. That should buy me time.

I await your response my dear.
warp_ring_tech: (happy remington)
[Video starts showing a smiling Remington. He is a bit dust and has a few bumps and bruises on him.]

Hello, Mr. Rose? This is Remington. I got the volcanic rock you needed. I hope I got it quickly enough for your liking. How is your experiment coming along?
warp_ring_tech: (Remington I don't know)
Um....this is quite a strange question to ask but...what happened to me? I was in my room and the next thing I know it's four days later and I'm in a closet. How did I get in the closet? And...how do I get out? I think the door is locked.
warp_ring_tech: (telecom remington)
Excuse me....Lance?

I was hoping to ask for a favor. I need to make a trip to Draco Island, to Mount Fafnir to be accurate. I'm being sent there to recover volcanic rock for Jade Curtiss and Dist the Rose. From what I've heard, there are some aggressive digimon there. I was hoping you could be an escort for me. If you are not to busy...that is.
warp_ring_tech: (telecom remington)
My dear, I have something to ask of you and to report.

Do you know where I may find an inactive volcano? And I have found two scientists who wish to join DATS. They are working on some sort of...chair for DATS. It requires a power source to recreate. I have a feeling these chairs are for more than just sitting upon. I will try to find out more. They are sending me to retrieve volcanic rock to mix with a chemical to achieve some sort of energy reaction.

Have you or your benefactor heard anything about such a rock in this world? I will be retrieving some and taking it to my lab tonight to tests.
warp_ring_tech: (telecom remington)
[Video Starts. A red echidna appears on the screen. He seems to be in a tunnel of sorts. He speaks in a calm voice.]

My name is Remington. I am requesting assistance. I have rescued a girl by the name of Miku from another woman named Alyssa. Miku is injured. I have tried to repair her as best as I can with my limited knowledge. If anyone sees this, please contact me as soon as possible.

[Video ends.]
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Dear Roxy,

For your marvelous performance during our venture in Neon, I am transferring you the Bits I promised you. I do hope they help you in any ventures you are planning. Also, I do hope we can work together again sometime.

Do alert me should you ever need any help.

[transfers 250,000 Bits to Roxy]

There you are my dear. Until we meet again.
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Alyssa I have some news you may be interested to hear.

[Attatched is audio from a recording. http://punkass-drgnrdr.livejournal.com/6017.html]

I have Lance with me now. He believes I mean to help him with his violent outbursts. I believe Mr. Sanders may be wounded and vulnerable. You may wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

Also, do you know of any other events of beings, Tamers or Digimon, going into sudden fits of rage? I am thinking an individual is behind it, one that could be a valuable ally. Please respond as soon as you can.
warp_ring_tech: (eye shot)
Remember the plan.

You use your mines on the bank to set off the alarms and gain attention. Once authorities arrive, fly off and get them to chase you. Once you do that, I will teleport into the main vault and grab as much as I can.

We only have a small window of time. Keep them as occupied as you can and use the ring I gave you should you need a quick escape. But do try to not let anyone see you use it. They know of my technology and presence in this world now.

And remember, save the rocket if you can. I am sure it is something you do not wish to lose. Should you be forced to abandon it, active the self destruct mechanism. We can't afford our work to fall into the wrong hands.
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Dear Alyssa,

I have obtained all I require for my disguise device. Once I have finished my device, we can begin the infiltration of DATS. It was last night I acquired everything. I was unfortunately spotted however. 

When is the soonest we can begin my training? 

warp_ring_tech: (dark)
[Audio only]

I have all of the components I need. With these pieces of technology I will be able to fashion two holographic disguises for myself and BlackV-mon. And with the gun I acquired I will be able to begin Alyssa's training. All is going perfectly. Although, that woman did find me.

I suppose I shall be on the watch for any reports of the incident. Nevertheless, my plans are going perfectly. 

Once this is finished and my plan with Roxy Rocket are accomplished I can move on to recovering my Warp Ring from Ritsu. Oh yes. No one will be able to stand in my way.

{Audio ends]


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